Cleaning Process

Xtreme Clean Hoods employee cleaning a stove hood.

The three components for fire, heat, oxygen, and fuel exist in your kitchen exhaust at any one time. The objective of cleaning of your kitchens exhaust is to completely remove the fuel (grease and oil) from you're your kitchen's exhaust and hence remove the fire threat. Many companies only clean what is in plain site, take your money and leave, leaving your business still at risk of fire. For these companies the safety of your business is not a priority. Xtreme Clean Hoods' approach to cleaning your kitchen exhaust is focused around the safety of your business.

When it comes to cleaning your kitchen exhaust we offer one level of service, extremely clean. This level of service meets the industry standard by removing all oil, grease, and grease laden vapors from your kitchen exhaust system..

The National Fire Protection Association sets the national industry standard (NFPA 96) by which your exhaust should be cleaned. The industry standard requires that all oil and grease should be removed from the system and that it be cleaned to bare metal. Removing all of the grease and oil from your kitchen exhaust is very labor intensive, even when the right equipment is used. Without the right equipment, cleaning the entire exhaust system to bare metal in a cost effective manner is next to impossible. The table below contains a comparison of typical methods used to clean kitchen exhausts and their cleaning effectiveness.